The World of Waterlilies Gardening Workshop

The World of Waterlilies Gardening Workshop
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1125 N. 3rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003, US
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The World of Waterlilies Gardening Workshop 



Sunday, October 1st  


20 max 



$40 General / $35 Member 

All materials are included. You can also enjoy a lovely gift of flower!  


Check-in time: 9:15am 

Program starts at 9:30 am  


Your prompt arrival will ensure a more pleasurable experience not only for yourself but for the other participants as well.  



Program Description: 

Join us to explore the beauty of waterlilies up close in this waterlily gardening workshop! 


In this workshop, you'll experience a mini version of our ponds set up in tubs for you to work with. Each tub will be set-up to host waterlilies and fish. 


With this, you will be able to learn the tried-and-true secrets to creating a balanced pond ecosystem that is perfect for your home or garden. Our experts will guide you through each step using easy-to-understand examples with both potted and bare-root plants. 

Don't miss the highlight of the workshop: our waterlily showcase. We'll talk about different types of waterlilies and hybrids that you will get to see! 


Whether you're new to gardening or already have a green thumb, this workshop is a perfect journey into the beauty of water gardening. 


Workshop Highlights: 

  • Explore a mini pond in a tub garden. 

  • Learn to create a balanced pond environment. 

  • Hands-on examples with plants. 

  • Discover different waterlily types and hybrids. 


Continue the aquatic gardening experience at home. For any merchandise inquiries, please reach out. 



Coronado Waterlilies is a water gardening and floriculture operation providing exotic cut flowers, water gardening plants, essential fish and support to the local community. They focus on a simple approach to aquatic gardening, and have 14 display ponds in the Coronado Historic District, near Downtown Phoenix. Current and new enthusiasts frequent their gardens to purchase, trade and provide inspiration. They also have a gifting program that gives flowers to individuals and groups helping others in the community. Their signature action has gifted flowers and aquatic treats to the entire staff at Emerson Elementary School during Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 and 2023. 

Please visit their website 



The Garden is located at 1125 North 3rd Avenue, between 3rd Avenue and Latham (2 blocks North of Roosevelt). Parking is available at the garden.  

When riding the Light Rail, exit at the Central and Roosevelt stop. The Garden is located on the west side of the rail, 0.3 miles from the station; it is directly behind the Irish Cultural Center (1106 N. Central Ave, Phoenix), just north of Portland Avenue. The Garden entrance is across the parking lot at 1125 N. 3rd Avenue.

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$40.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation & Refund Policies: Program that do not meet the minimum enrollment one week prior to the start date may be subject to cancellation at the Garden's discretion. The Garden will contact registered participants in programs affected by cancellations and offer refunds or placement in an alternate class. Participants who withdraw from a program at least ten business days prior to the scheduled program start date may receive a full refund on their registration. (A business day is defined as M-F.). Missed Programs: Participants who do not show up on the day without notification before the scheduled program must forfeit their payment and reservation.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Jay Forester

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